Minutes & Agendas

2021 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 22MinutesAgenda
February 26MinutesAgenda

July 16AgendaCertificate of AttendanceCorrespondence

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2020 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 17 MinutesAgenda
February 21MinutesAgenda
March 19
Minutes Agenda (special meeting called by Chair) **This is not an educational meeting, so continuing education hours will not be issued.
April 2Legislation Review Committee Agenda
April 3 Minutes Agenda
July 17 Minutes Agenda
July 18 Minutes Agenda
August 21 Minutes Agenda
October 2 Minutes Agenda
November 6Minutes Agenda

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Correspondence for November 6 meeting (click on Correspondence)

2019 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 11-12Minutes Agenda (Board Meeting & Strategic Planning Meeting)
February 22Minutes Agenda
April 4Agenda Legislation Review Committee
April 16Minutes Agenda Emergency Board Meeting
May 9Agenda Legislation Review Committee
September 27Minutes Agenda
September 28Minutes Agenda Strategic Planning Meeting
November 1Minutes Agenda
December 13Minutes Agenda

2018 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 12Minutes Agenda
February 16Minutes Agenda
February 16Strategic Planning Meeting – Agenda follows February 16 Board Meeting Agenda
September 21Minutes Agenda
October 25Agenda Legislation Review Committee
October 26Minutes Agenda
December 7Minutes Agenda


2017 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

February 10Minutes Agenda
September 29Minutes Agenda
November 3>Minutes Agenda
December 8Minutes Agenda
December 16Minutes Agenda

2016 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 15Minutes Agenda
February 26Minutes Agenda
May 20MinutesAgenda
August 5Minutes Agenda
September 9Minutes Agenda
October 7Minutes Agenda
October 21Minutes Agenda
December 2Minutes Agenda

2015 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 30Minutes Agenda
September 25Minutes Agenda
October 23Minutes Agenda
December 4Minutes Agenda

2014 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 17Minutes Agenda
February 21Minutes Agenda
September 5Minutes Agenda
October 17Minutes Agenda
November 21Minutes Agenda
December 19Minutes Agenda

2013 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 18Minutes Agenda
February 15Minutes Agenda
September 27Minutes
November 1Minutes Agenda
December 6Minutes Agenda

2012 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 20Minutes Agenda
February 17Minutes Agenda
April 16Minutes Agenda
May 4Minutes
September 28Minutes Agenda
November 16Minutes Agenda
December 14Minutes Agenda

2011 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 14Minutes Agenda
February 18Minutes Agenda
July 22MinutesAgenda
September 30Minutes Agenda
November 18Minutes Agenda
December 16Minutes Agenda

2010 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 22Minutes Agenda
September 10Minutes Agenda
November 5Minutes Agenda
December 4Minutes Agenda

2009 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 16Minutes Agenda
February 27Minutes Agenda
September 18Minutes Agenda
October 23Minutes Agenda
December 11Minutes Agenda
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