Board Information

The Board consists of seven members who are citizens of the United States and residents of the state of Louisiana. The members shall be appointed by the governor, subject to Senate confirmation. All appointees shall be selected from one list compiled by all statewide social work membership organizations that have written bylaws and meet all state and federal laws, and the Louisiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers shall be responsible for the coordination of this process. All appointees shall serve no more than two consecutive full terms. The completion of an unexpired portion of a full term shall not constitute a full term. The board shall consist of the following members: one registered social worker with at least three years of social work experience, one licensed master social worker with at least three years of social work experience, three licensed clinical social workers each with at least three years of clinical social work experience, one member who is either a registered social worker, a licensed master social worker, or a licensed clinical social worker, and one consumer member.

Each board member, with the exception of the consumer member, shall be a person who holds a current, valid license, certification, or registration. At all times the board shall consist of at least three members who are engaged primarily in rendering direct services in social work and at least one member who is engaged primarily in social work education or a practice specialty other than clinical.

No consumer member shall be currently an elected official, and no consumer member shall be or have been any of the following: actively engaged in the practice of social work or be the spouse of a social worker, engaged in the practice of psychology, psychiatry, or a member of a mental health profession, or the spouse of a member of a mental health profession, or employed or own an agency or business entity that provides social, health, or mental health care or substance abuse services.

Board members serve without compensation, but receive actual traveling, incidental, and clerical expenses necessarily incurred while engaged in the discharge of his official duties. Board meetings are held on Fridays approximately every five weeks. The meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. and will continue on Saturday, if necessary. The meetings are conducted at the board office in Baton Rouge. In order to conduct the business of the board effectively, all board members are expected to attend and participate in the meetings.

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