Supervision Requirements

Board Approved Clinical Supervisor (BACS) is the designation required for LCSWs to supervise LMSWs for licensure. The Rules, Standards and Procedures for Licensed Clinical Social Workers, promulgated in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act , require that Licensed Clinical Social Workers meet the following minimum qualifications in order to provide supervision:

  • Hold the LCSW license
  • Verify at least 3 years of full-time social work experience at the LCSW level
  • Appropriately conduct all supervisory duties explicated in the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners’ Supervision for Professional Development and Public Protection: A Guide (available from the board office)
  • Complete a board orientation workshop
  • Participate in a board pre-approved workshop on the theory and techniques of supervision as well as procedures used in supervision toward licensure.
  • 2 letters of reference to the board from other professional (one of whom should be a LCSW) who are familiar with the licensee’s work, including supervision skills

Key benefits and supervision inlcude helping ensure the quality of the social work profession and earning extra income.

Supervision eligible for licensure must be completed in accordance with §503 of the Rules, Standards and Procedures.

Licensed Master Social Workers that obtained supervision credit prior to September 1, 2007 can use the Supervision Worksheet to convert months of social work practice and supervision into hours.

To locate a BACS, please search our licensee database. For a schedule of Board approved supervision workshops, please view our calendar.


Workshop Title
Registration Info
BACS Initial Training NASW-LA Chapter Dr. Alan Kirk, LCSW 04/25/2019 Baton Rouge, LA Register Here
Becoming a BACS: Understanding and Implementing Effective Supervision OPS Family Care Cassandra Smith, LCSW-BACS 04/27/2019 East Bank Regional Library, Metairie Louisiana Register Here
So, You Want to be a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor Tulane School of Social Work Parker Sternbergh, LCSW-BACS 06/08/2019 New Orleans,  LA Register Here
BACS Initial Training NASW-LA Chapter Dr. Alan Kirk, LCSW 06/14/2019 New Orleans, LA Register Here


Supervision Forms

Board Orientation Workshop Registration

Please allow eight (8) week for processing and board approval

Registration of Supervision

Supervision Agreement

Plan of Supervision

Employment Verification

Record of Supervision

Evaluation of Supervision

Professional Experience Verification Record

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