How to become a LCSW-BACS

Once you click the self-enrollment application above, you will be prompted to sign into your Certemy account to view the LCSW-BACS Application.

LCSW-BACS Requirements:

  • Hold the LCSW license
  • Verify at least 3 years of full-time social work experience at the LCSW level
  • Appropriately conduct all supervisory duties in accordance with the Rules, Standards and Procedures
  • Complete a board orientation workshop (2 hour workshop. Form is below
  • Participate in a board pre-approved workshop on the theory and techniques of supervision as well as procedures used in supervision toward licensure. (6.5 hour workshop: look for the chart with workshops below)
  • 2 signed letters of reference to the board from other professionals (one of whom should be a LCSW) who are familiar with the licensee’s work, including supervision skills – will need to be uploaded in the application workflow

Key benefits and supervision include helping ensure the quality of the social work profession and earning extra income.

Supervision eligible for licensure must be completed in accordance with §503 of the Rules, Standards and Procedures.



2 hour Board Orientation Workshop

Board Orientation Workshop

3 hour Clinical Supervision Workshop for BACS Renewal

6.5 hour Board Approved Initial BACS Workshop

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