Renewal Information

All continuing education can be completed via distance learning through August 31, 2023. Effective September 1, 2023 only 10 hours of continuing education can be obtained via distance learning. 

Important information regarding renewal for the 2023-2024 period

Please review the FAQs on this page for additional information.

The annual collection period for continuing education is September 1 through August 31. There is no carry-over, also known as swing month, at this time.

Renewal is required by August 31 of each year. Licenses that are not renewed by August 31 will lapse. Individuals with a lapsed license are not authorized to practice social work.

Lapsed licenses can be renewed between September 1 – February 28 with an additional fee.

After February 28, one must apply for Reinstatement in order to practice social work.


Renewal FAQs

When does renewal start?

On or around June 1, your profile will be assigned a NEW renewal workflow that will be due August 31.

You must complete the NEW renewal workflow in order to successfully renew. The prior renewal will be deleted from your page and the updated renewal will take its place.

  • Any files stored in your Digital Wallet will not be deleted. You will be able to download the file from your Digital Wallet and move to the CEU step of the NEW renewal workflow.

When does renewal end?

Licenses lapse on August 31. A lapsed license can be renewed between September 1 and February 28. The lapsed license fee is double the renewal fee.

After February 28 one must apply for reinstatement. Reinstatement applications can be found here.

How do I renew?

Certemy has been updating renewals to incorporate recommended changes. Your Certemy profile will be assigned a renewal workflow on or around June 1. Once you get notification from the Board, you will be able to renew your license.

Below are the steps to renew your license once notified by the Board:

Log in to Certemy using your email address and password:

  • You may change your password at any time using the “Reset Password” link on the Certemy login page.

Once logged in, you will see your license on the left side of the screen.

  • Click ACCEPT” and then, when prompted, click PROCEED IN CERTEMY”.
  • Click on the steps on the right side of your screen to view or complete the corresponding requirement.
  • Once all steps are completed, your license has been successfully renewed.
  • If steps on your renewal workflow are in a “pending verification” status, your renewal application will be sent to the LABSWE Administrator for review and approval.
    • Steps will show pending verification if you are being audited or if you sent in a Cashiers/Certified Check or Money Order. If your fee step shows pending verification, it will stay pending until the payment is received by LABSWE.

Once you renew this year, next year’s renewal automatically populates in your account. You can store your CEUs in the CEU step, but do NOT complete the rest of the renewal until renewal starts in June 2024.

Tip: You will see the status (complete, pending verification, partially completed, or incomplete) for each step as well as the accompanying step due date. The system will automatically send you email alerts as you approach the due date for an incomplete step.

Once your license is renewed completed you will be able to access the updated license card in your Digital Wallet under the tab Certificates.

  • When you go to your Digital Wallet, you will click the three vertical dots on the right side of your screen to view or download your new ID card.

To successfully submit your Continuing Education (CE) on the Continuing Education step in Certemy:

  • Make sure to complete all fields on the right side of the page.

Once you submit a CEU, you CAN edit or delete the entry.

  • Once you hit the required hours, a warning box will pop up and let you know that your submission will complete the requirements for the step.
    • You will then get a breakdown of all submissions when you hit the required hours.
    • You will click “Continue” if everything looks correct
      • If you click “Continue”, you will NOT be able to go back and edit any PRIOR submissions that showed up in the warning box.
    • OR you will click “Cancel” if you wish to edit your past submissions before submitting your CEUs.

Please note: You CAN add NEW submissions after meeting the required hours and the hours will show in full.

Tip: When entering hours, if the value entered is less than 1, you must include the 0 before the decimal.

  • You will clickBACK TO MY CREDENTIALS” to finish your renewal requirements.

Where is my continuing education I uploaded?

You must complete the NEW renewal workflow in order to successfully renew. The prior renewal will be deleted from your page and the updated renewal will take its place.

Any files stored in your Digital Wallet will not be deleted. You will be able to download the file from your Digital Wallet and move to the CEU step of the NEW renewal workflow in order to report your hours.

Do I need to renew the first year of licensure?

G. Continuing education hours are pro-rated as follows during the initial year of registration, certification or licensure.
· Licensed in April, May, or June – you do not renew in the same year you are licensed. You will owe 20 hours of  continuing education requirements for your first renewal period.

· Licensed in July, August, or September – you will need to complete 20 hours of continuing education.

· Licensed in October, November, or December – you will need to complete 15 hours of continuing education.

· Licensed January, February, or March – you will need to complete 10 hours of continuing education.

After I renew, how can I find my new ID card?

You will go to your Digital Wallet and look under the certificates tab. You will click the three vertical dots towards the right to view or download your ID card.

What is the renewal fee?

RSW: $25

CSW + LMSW: $50


Paying the fee on the NEW renewal workflow:

  • You will click the ‘Renewal Fee’ step on the renewal workflow.
    • Credit/Debit Card: Click pay fee and put in your card information. Please note that this includes a $3 convenience fee. The step will automatically verify once paid and your receipt will be uploaded to your Digital Wallet.
    • Cashiers/Certified Check or Money Order: Click ‘3rd party payment’ and you will need to indicate in the comment section your name, the Cashiers Check/Money Order # and date it was sent. Once this is submitted, the step will show pending verification until the payment is received by LABSWE. Once received, the step will be verified.
      • Please do NOT mail a personal check, as it will be mailed back to you.

When does the late fee go into effect?

Starting September 1, a late fee will be required for licensees trying to renew.

The lapsed fee will reflect in your renewal workflow starting September 1 if you are not renewed by August 31. The lapsed fee equals twice the amount of the renewal fee.


RSW late fee: $50

CSW + LMSW late fee: $100

LCSW + LCSW-BACS late fee: $150

Please note that online payments include a $3 convenience fee

I did ethics last year, do I need to enter them again this year?

3 clock hours must be in social work ethics every other year.

What is the CEU collection period for this renewal?

September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023

Can I submit more than the required CEUs?

Yes, you are able to enter as many CEU hours as desired. The additional hours will show on your CEU step of your renewal workflow.

How do I get an extension for my CEUs?

Rule 317

I. In the case of extenuating circumstances, when the individual does not fulfill the continuing education requirements, the individual shall submit a written request for extension to the board for consideration.

  • If approved, you will have more time to obtain CEUs, but will need to pay the renewal fee.

What if I did not complete my CEUs by August 31?

Please refer to Rule 2714 C

§2714. Continuing education and license, certificate, and registration renewal

C. If any person fails to renew his or her license, certificate, or registration by August thirty-first, such license, certificate, or registration shall lapse. Any application for renewal shall be declined until the continuing education requirements have been met. If a social worker fails to renew by August thirty-first of each year, at the licensed, certified, or registered level, he shall not practice social work. Renewal of a license, certificate, or registration which has lapsed for six months or less may be effected upon submission to the board of a renewal application accompanied by a fee which shall be twice the amount of the normal renewal fee specified by the board. If a license, certificate, or registration is allowed to lapse for six months or longer, the applicant for the license, certificate, or registration shall be considered a new applicant subject to appropriate provisions of this Chapter including the reinstatement provisions of this Section. 

Can I print out a summary of my CEUs submitted?

Yes, click on the Transcript tab at the top of your Certemy page (next to the Digital Wallet) and you can download your renewal transcript.

Will I receive a hard copy of my new license?

LABSWE no longer mails out hard copies of cards. You are able to download your ID card from your Digital Wallet once renewed and can print from there.

How do I know if I am being audited?

If you submit your CEUs and the step shows ‘pending verification’, you are being audited. If you are audited, LABSWE Staff will contact you.

What can the Certemy help desk assist with?

1. How to Login to Certemy2. How to Change Email Address (LABSWE can also change email addresses for a person)3. How to Update Password5. Consolidate accounts if an individual accidentally created two Certemy user accounts6. How to Find or Download information in the Digital Wallet – including certificates7. Questions about Certemy site error messages8. How to Upload CE or Delete CE Submissions9. How to submit a name change request in Certemy10. Platform navigation related questions11. Questions related to making a credit card payment12. What does “pending verification” mean?13. How can I indicate someone paid on my behalf? or (866)907-4088




The kebab menu, also known as the three dots menu, and the three vertical dots menu, is an icon used to open a menu with additional options.

If you log into Certemy and click on your Digital Wallet, you will find this menu icon on the right side of your screen. If you click on the menu icon, you will have options to view or download files in your Digital Wallet.


Once you renew, your new ID card will be generated into your Digital Wallet and you will click on the menu icon to download or view your ID card.

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