Exam Information

If…. You passed your Clinical exam

If…. You passed your Masters exam

If…. You failed your exam

Exam Retake – Masters

Exam Retake – Clinical

After you complete all of the steps on your retake application, your application will be pending until verified by board staff. Once the retake application is verified, you will then receive an email that your application is approved. Your retake letter will be uploaded into your Digital Wallet under the testing tab. This letter contains instructions on how to register with ASWB.


How soon after I take the Masters level exam (LMSW) can I take the Clinical level exam (LCSW)?

Once you pass the Masters exam, you will need to complete all the supervision requirements for the LCSW license. Once all those requirements are met, you will then need to apply for the LCSW. Once the Board approves your LCSW application, you will be given permission to take the Clinical exam.


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